There aren’t many women in rock who can look as great as Debbie Harry did in a plastic bin liner, but there aren’t many women in rock as iconic as the lead singer of one of the greatest US punk bands of all time, Blondie. Blondie was such a success that they even deserved a spot in the casino universe. You can now enjoy them as a game title, with some of their most famous songs. See at which UK casino sites you can find them for free by reading reviews on

Blondie came bursting out of NYC at the tail end of the ’70s with their self-titled debut album and the amazing trio of single Rip Her To Shreds, Denis and In The Flesh but it wasn’t until her third album, Parallel Lines, that she really reached a creative peak, with the album sitting at number one in the UK and saw Heart of Glass, Hanging On The Telephone and One Way or Another as major hits. The album was also judged to be the 18th Best Album Ever in a poll by the NME

Fast forward to 2011 and The JD Set is delighted to have the opportunity to see Sharleen Spiteri grace the stage with what will undoubtedly be a unique reinterpretation of the seminal album

After her own massive success with Texas, Sharleen is looking forward to reworking the spiky punk songs with her own set of collaborators featuring some of the very best of today’s new alt-rock artists

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